launch.jpgDesigner Chris Christmas is proud to introduce his Keepsake and First Collection of High-end Mens and Womens Jewelry and Accessories.

Conceived from his eclectic DNA experiences in fashion, design and technology, The Chris Christmas Collection melds functional fashion forward Designs with Hi-Tech Ceramics and Alternative Metals to create a Timeless line of Men’s & Women’s Jewelry and Accessories.

Obtaining the highest in quality, this exciting new Collection is refreshing and the Construction, Design and Ingenuity in each piece are Exquisite.

The Chris Christmas Collection features Luxurious and Timeless pieces…crafted from Hi-Tech Ceramics…and Alternative Metals, truly a triumph in Innovation…Fashion… and Style.

These impressive designs integrate DNA elements from Hi-Tech Ceramics, Tungsten Carbide WU90% and Stainless Steel with touches of Diamond, Gold, Rubber and Stingray, the end result, a stirring Collection with both style and elegance.


Chris Christmas Holiday 2007 CollectionThe New Collection from Designer Chris Christmas integrates DNA Elements of Ceramics, Tungsten, Diamond, Gold, Stainless, Carbon Fiber and Stingray with the New World DNA from Fashion, Culture, Engineering and Technology. And it’s all designed to illuminate your life with a new DNA Experience…